Welcome all! We’re a group of 3 friends who read too much for their sake and like to review the books we get read. Here you’ll get to know a bit more about us as individuals:

John Cintrón:

Hey there, My name’s John or Silverwolf as I’ll be signing my posts and I’m part of this 3 friends group and the twin brother of one of them you’ll find out who it is. Now a bit about my life I was born on July 14 and after that stayed 7 extra days because I developed pneumonia neonatal yeah my lungs decided to have a test run *cries* but anyways I enjoy mostly Paranormal, Young Adult, Fantasy, a bit of Romance, Supernatural and Fiction.

Ivan Cintrón:

Hello my name is Ivan or IronBlood as I’ll be signing my posts, I’m John’s Twin brother so anything you want to know about me refer to my brother’s bio…. nah I’m joking. Well I enjoy reading (obviously) playing video games and watching Anime. My favorite book genres are Paranormal, Young Adult, Fantasy and Mythology based books.


Nashaly Rodriguez:

Hello, loves. You can call me Nash. I have cerebral palsy, am obsessed with Batman and (as I am sure you figured by now) love to read.  I apologize in advance if I am not as active as the twins but I sadly don’t read as fast as they do. The types of books I enjoy the most are sci-fi, mysteries, and recently, anything middle-grade. ALSO! I have a book related YouTube channel so most of my reviews shall most likely be in video form.