Review: The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time
The Hands of Time by Michelle Madow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Michelle, do you think this is a game? Where survive from wine and the tears and hatred of your fans?giphy I’m sad because this amazing series ended and I hope that in the future you return to it even if its a sneak peek of their future lives and I’m pissed about the sucker punching plot twists but hey I love them so maybe I’m a masochist.arbj6j I really loved all the action this book had, the sadness and the anticipation with gave you but what I loved the most is that you brought my two favorite gods to this book Hades and Persephone, 792189I loved what you did with Kate and Helios punishment and that Danielle and Erebus has a chance to love each other even if its in the effed up version of wacky world.tumblr_m0bka6xwc31rqu5gzo1_500



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