Woman Crush Road trip Wednesday

For today’s Woman Crush Road Trip Wednesday we have the Main Character from Katelyn Anderson’s Everlasting Flame Joan Grayson, The Angel of Death. while EF is her debut novel, it is an amazing story about Immortals or tainted beings as they’re called which are haunted by an organization called TEA or Tainted Execution Agency. So get Everlasting Flame from any of the retailers you want like Barnes and noble, Kobo, Smashwords and iBooks so you can find out about Joan adventures.first_snow_by_selenada-d9hin8l

Now for the Road Trip we’re visiting C.K. Brooke’s Jordinia Universe. Although the main maps are from her Jordinia’s Series two of them are from her Wrong Prince and Red Pearl books which are part of the universe although in a different eras so take a leap and read the Jordinia Series composed of The Duchess Quest, The Duchess Inheritance and the new book that’s coming soon.

And also get The Red Pearl and The Wrong Prince so you can get to know all the universe!

Now without further ado, here are the maps for our road trip so enjoy!


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