Review: Defy the Dawn

Defy the Dawn
Defy the Dawn by Lara Adrian

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is my first review ever on a book from Lara Adrian because it’s the first one if read since I started reviewing so to get on with it I have to say that she never fails to disappoint with her books and I love her midnight breed series8686511_tv-cap-legends-of-tomorrow-introduces-jonah_tc8f93c3b-1463667303-1470677490 and meeting different breed warriors and their mates and the races that populate this peculiar universe. like the recent book opus nostrum has been messing up and jerking around.jerk-store-1427298078The government agencies like the GNC or however it’s called and Justis their mistrust led them to take a massive hit just for not trusting the order but hey c’est la vie. Now the new mates were awesome and I loved the transformation of Brynne was Perfekt.internal_screaming__gif__by_rainatraina-d87d4z2



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