Review: Perfect Scents

Perfect Scents
Perfect Scents by Heather Karn

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is actually a 4.5 because of the damn cliffhanger that came out of nowhereinternal_screaming__gif__by_rainatraina-d87d4z2 plus the end felt a bit rushed in my opinion. But other wise the book was marvelous since it gave me a glimpse into a new kind of were people8686511_tv-cap-legends-of-tomorrow-introduces-jonah_tc8f93c3b-1463667303-1470677490 plus it kept us on the edge trying to get to know what gave that sour smell.

The dynamic between Charissa and Joey it was much needed since most of the times the friends instantly rejects the other when they’re weird. The antics of Kev about his lack of human knowledge was awfully hilarious.giphy

That’s the exact feeling I had seeing Kev stumble through human mannerisms just hilarious.



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