Man Crush Villain Sidekick Monday

Welcome to another episode of Man Crush Villain Sidekick Monday. Today we have another of the long list of characters from the Dead Things Universe by Martina McAtee. Yes I may post about them frequently but hey they’re alot and 99% of them are human puddle melting hot so deal *whispers* I love you Isa.. Now this guy some of you may recognize his character model from the MTV series Teen Wolf so here he is our Belladonna pack only human and *spoiler* read the book to find out and personal encyclopedia. Quinn Talbot.14194453_10211132454693605_497016172_n

Now for our Villain sidekick of the week is someone closely related to Quinn you know why if you read the books. His name is Silas Harker but his creator says this and I quote “He uses the last name Harker but he’s so old Silas isn’t even his real name. He makes up aliases here and there when it suits him.” So without further ado here’s the Immortal Silas Harker


Though I can’t let you all go without some good words of our sponsor Iron blood #DEATHTOSILAS  just don’t ask read the books



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