Woman crush road trip wednesday

Welcome back to another post of Woman crush road trip Wednesday on today post we’ll be featuring a character from the book I’m currently reading the protagonist Vhalla Yarl from the wonderful series Air Awakens by the brilliant Elise Kova. I’m currently on the 4th book Water’s Wrath and I don’t have the 5th any donations are appreciated *wink* * wink* anyways here’s a picture of our protagonist taken from the author pinterest and remember none of this characters are real and the pics are just how the authors visualizes them as real people anyways enjoy.22fe01bf9b324029770152148398e4fd.jpg

This lads and lassies is our Vhalla Yarl- The Windwalker, Hero of the North and lady of the court I think theres a few more like wind demon of gaweru by the northerners but those are the ones I remember from the top of my head anyways the hair is just right meaning is not exactly that color so yeah better check the author’s pinterest and find out. Now for my roadtrip I would like to see the Solaris Kingdom like why not and be a sorcerer so far the windwalkers are calling to me regardless the mess surrounding them.



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