The Story behind our “Deadlings Mother” Martina McAtee Author of Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things

Check out this interview made by fellow blogger Sage Reads to Martina McAtee


Hi readers! So I had the absolute honor of getting an interview with our lovely YA Paranormal Writer Martina McAtee author of the Dead Things Series.  I have taken it upon myself to call her our Deadling Mother due to her Facebook Page named Martina’s Deadlings. 😉  Martina has written book 1 “Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things”and Book 2, “Dark Dreams and Dead Things”. Both of which I have written reviews on.  You can check them out here on my blog 🙂  At the moment she is currently working on Book 3 “Sinister Souls and Dead Things”.

This is my first interview ever so I hope you enjoy!! And also, I have provided the links to Martina’s books below so check them out today!

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