Teaser Tuesday Triple Threat

This Teaser was post on the timeline of author Raye Wagner a couple of weeks ago due to a challenge called work in progress where authors share 7 lines from page 7 of you guessed it there current work in progress.. Duh! anyways here it is… Before I go this Tuesday y’all have a double feature so enjoy.

Hope sat down on the uneven ground and let the mists swirl and eddy over her. Burying her face in her hands, the dam burst and she sobbed.
It could’ve been minutes or hours or even days that Hope spent releasing her grief. She screamed until her voice was hoarse, cried until her eyes were dry, and even then her heart mourned.
When her muscles ached and her eyes were no longer swollen, Hope decided she needed to move. She would not be a victim. She would not be a tool. Hope kicked at the ground stirring up the dark mist.
“Stupid gods,” she muttered.
Someone behind her chuckled.
Hope turned and dropped into a defensive stance, her arms coming up into guard.
The man was pale, like he’d spent too much time indoors. His skin was a stark contrast to his inky black hair, and his thin frame was clothed in soft grays. His eyes danced with amusement.
“Do you think you can take me?” His voice was like the rasp of snake coils with a deadly bite. He cocked his head to the side and studied her.
Hope dropped her arms and stood straight. “Probably not.”

Well the original plan was to add something from Martina McAtee new book but the teaser never came to be so have something from Alicia Rades (author profile soon to come).. Welp nevermind I’ll give you three teasers because I may hate the world XD.

“I know. I know,” Ember mumbled, “but still. I mean, seriously. This is kind of gross.”
Aaron looked at Mace with wide eyes, mouth drawn in a rare frown.
“Don’t look at me, mate, I don’t care what body you stick me in,” Mace assured him.
The tiny alpha stumbled into the kitchen just then, in a pair of leggings and a faded black t-shirt that was so large on her slight frame it fell off one shoulder, her thick chestnut hair piled high on her head and her eyelids were at half-mast. She gave them a cursory glance and a bleary wave before opening the cabinet and pulling out the coffee canister and pausing. She narrowed her eyes at the can, giving it a shake, snarling as the scoop inside echoed against the empty container.
She turned to the three of them, golden green eyes shimmering to gold. “Who drank the last of the coffee without getting more from the garage?”
Aaron seemed to fold in on himself slinking low into the bench seat and pushing his coffee cup towards Ember. Isa zeroed in on him, voice quiet as she asked, “Aaron, how many times have I told you to replace the coffee when you drink the last of it?”
“This week?” he asked, voice unusually high before giving a vague shrug, refusing to look at the alpha. “Three?”
Silence stretched like a rope pulled taut until Isa snapped, “Aaron. Coffee. Go. Now. Before you all have to deal with an un-caffeinated alpha.”
Mace tried not to laugh as Aaron frantically tried to figure out how to do as the alpha asked when he was trapped between Ember and the table. Finally, he lurched onto the bench seat and vaulted over the table with a surprising grace all but running towards the narrow hallway hiding the garage door.
Ember arched a brow at Isa. “Why do you mess with him like that?”
Isa grinned. “Because I’ve had months to instill a healthy dose of fear into you two but Aaron is new. Fearing me keeps you all alive. Aaron’s gifted so I’ve got him on an accelerated program.” Mace did laugh at that. “Plus,” she reminded them, “I’m a huge bitch without my coffee.”
Wren wandered in, shirtless, in thin cotton sleep pants, black framed glasses in place and dirty blonde hair standing on end. He didn’t acknowledge the others, just went straight for Isa, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her until she was at a kissable height. Ember flushed as they kissed, looking towards Mace who winked at her, only deepening her embarrassment.
The alpha and her mate were not shy in their affections. Mace thought that was healthy. When Wren set Isa back on her feet he looked at Ember and Mace suspiciously. “What are you up to?”
“Still looking for a replacement body for Mace.” Ember said, “We’re running out of time.”
“Then perhaps you should stop being so picky, luv.”
Aaron rushed back in, practically kneeling as he offered Isa the new canister with arms outthrust and head down like a peasant presenting royalty with a gift. “Good boy.” Isa said, patting him on his lowered head. Aaron flopped into the bench seat opposite Ember this time, as if to be alert to anything else Isa might need.
“Where are the others?” Wren asked.
“Kai and Astrid are opening the restaurant before school with Neoma and Mallory.”
Astrid working at the restaurant was new. Isa thought it was important to keep her close with Quinn and Allister gone. “And from the amount of grunting I heard upstairs, Tate and Tristin are working out in the attic.” Isa gave Wren a look. “I’m surprised you didn’t hear them.”
Wren winced, taking the canister from Isa and getting the pot started. “I did. I just wasn’t sure fighting was what they were doing. Honestly, I didn’t want to know. Where are Donovan and Harlow?”
Isa paused, eyes going wide as if she forgot about them, before sighing. “I don’t know. They disappear together all the time now. He’s still mad at me for making him go to therapy. He clearly doesn’t appreciate how hard it is to find a therapist that knows the supernatural world exists.”
Rhys came into the kitchen with R.J. slanted under one arm, facing outward, like he was holding a football. The baby’s arms and legs started pumping when he saw Mace, reaching for the shimmering light of Mace’s apparition. Mace gave him a two fingered wave, delighting the boy.
Rhys dumped the baby into Aaron’s arms without asking or waiting for Aaron’s permission. Aaron took the baby, spinning him to look at the computer, closing out the file on Mace’s potential vessel and pulling up a computer program he’d found just for the baby.
Rhys set a bottle in the bottle warmer and threw a handful of cheerios on the high chair tray before snagging the coffee pot mid-stream, pulling it out and sticking an empty cup underneath, filling his cup before replacing the pot. Isa glared at her brother, eyes flashing red. “What?” he asked, not actually waiting for an answer before he took a sip.
Isa stared up at Rhys, who was easily a foot and a half taller than his sister, her gaze unwavering. Mace had to hand it to him, Rhys held out longer than the others would have but eventually his shoulders sagged and he gave a longsuffering sigh, handing over his cup. Isa took it, hiding her smile with the cup as she took a sip and sighed in ecstasy.


Now for Alicia Rades




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