Review: Edenhart’s Rivalry

Edenhart's Rivalry
Edenhart’s Rivalry by J.N. Tomczak

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

To be continue for real?tumblr_nnrh5nZfx81spa9zuo1_500 are you some demonic spawned author?tumblr_o2kl2tGux91v16i1no1_500

how dare you do this to megiphy

and here I was getting it on with the dragon hunt and you go like to be continue just how dare you. But how could you with Percy and here I had such hopes for them but let’s think it was plot advancing15661484

other than that the book was amazing a little slow in some parts but so good though the book took a turn I did not expect cuz I expected her to go back not stay there but hey it does work out all good. Now the rite of initiation such a piece of cake pfft easy as drinking water just kill a dragon no sweat,What-Excuse-me-Say-what-GIF were you sleep deprived when you wrote that? no? then aight carry on and this Orox guy boy you be a caw caw.giphy



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