Woman Crush Road trip Wednesday

Hallo Hallo Lads and Lassies what’s all this then? Welcome to Woman Crush Road trip Wednesday. Like #MCM comment below your #WCW along side the book world you would love to travel.

My #WCW this week is Isadora McGowan the alpha of the Belladonna pack and owner of Howl to the Moon Cafe from the Dead Things series by Martina McAtee be sure to check her out. Sadly I don’t have a pic to show this time but as told straight from the source Ms. McAtee she looks like the sexy as hell Emilia Clarke our Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen. By the way I’m not remotely sorry Wren so


And staying with the Dead Thing series I would love to take a road trip through this world tumblr_nnrh5nZfx81spa9zuo1_500

and meet my alpha in person


and maybe cutie pie Neoma.. Just remember that if you go into Isa’s Territory prepare to




And I’m out peace out homies



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