Review: The Duchess Quest

The Duchess Quest
The Duchess Quest by C.K. Brooke

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Is this what you wanted from me?!!tumblr_o2kl2tGux91v16i1no1_500 To see me suffer with your stupid plot and revelations?!…..giphyEither way this was a well enjoyed and long read, this is perhaps the longest book I have ever read but I did enjoy Jon Cosmith suffer throughout the book even if he ended up as he did and damn you that low blow at the end with three main characters….tumblr_nnrh5nZfx81spa9zuo1_500.gif I did not see that coming at all but hey everything turned out well and they’re off to another adventure and Hessian Gatspierre you insufferable jerk, how dare you do use poor Dainy like that!tumblr_mtagk8jTrM1s7gb0oo1_500 I find pleasing what happens to you and last but not Bos and his new lady friend, I find it quite acceptableHarryPotter-Snape-Clapping



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