Portal of Kerberos

Elementals 4.

Portal of Kerberos by Michelle Madow

My rating: 10 of 5 stars oh wait it’s only a 5 rating



So I started this because I was mad at Elise Kova Fire Falling ending but noooooo you went and ran me over like a freight train


So now I’ll just say 3 things

Now back to the complete review since I’m done ranting at you.. The book was amazing I can’t wait for Hands of Time or however your next piece of destruction is called. I loved how you portrayed Erebus and Cronos it was awesome.


Your portrayal of Kerberos was so good and it felt so realistic that I just loved every single  part of the realm and to think 99% of the book takes place there it was perfect but now that Apollo


Also nice touch with the dragons but how dare you do that to Blake just how dare you and to finish it let’s say that I’m reading the sneak peek for pure masochism.



6 thoughts on “Portal of Kerberos

  1. Loving this series but I’m trying to wait a little bit before reading #4… it will only be that much longer I will have to wait for 5 if I pick it up now. Of course I may cave in soon anyway. LOL

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