Review: Air Awakens

Air Awakens
Air Awakens by Elise Kova

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So I took six days for something I actually read in 3 but hey I was being lazy anyways this whole thing can be resumed in one meme no joke and its the sponge bob meme that says boi!tumblr_inline_o44x0tiwFz1rhpnp4_400.jpg

that’s it nothing more I swear that could be my review but you know I’m a professional and I have to write a worthy review for the book.giphy

The book was amazing I applaud you woman I applaud you HarryPotter-Snape-Clapping.gif

but still egmund needs to die and to think all this happens in the span of one month literally.notexpected

Though I didn’t think Sareem was going to appear after this book who knew he was gonna have that endtumblr_mguinsrNb41qgzb2io4_r1_250

still this was amazing can’t wait to read the next one.



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