Review: The Transcend Time Saga: Complete Boxed Set

The Transcend Time Saga: Complete Boxed Set
The Transcend Time Saga: Complete Boxed Set by Michelle Madow

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OK first book was a bit slow but it was awfully good the comparison made in the same book of their relationship to the one of Jane Austen book pride and prejudice


is eerily similar but I can’t dig on that further on that because all I know about that book are the facts Michelle gave us in her book and the snippets I saw from the crossover movie they made called pride prejudice and zombies


and I doubt even that has some accuracy  to the original book but hey back to remembrance and let’s count down our characters the important ones mind you. First off is our protagonist Liz,


Jeremy childhood friend/girlfriend then is the aforementioned Jeremy and varsity soccer Co captain next is Chelsea and Liz best friend and last but not least the source of our drama Drew and exchange student mister dreamy guy next door.




I highly loved how the plot developed around these four and each had their part to play without feeling the odd man out and the ending fitting perfectly with the novella vengeance was brilliant. Now off to the novella vengeance I just got one thing to say about it Chelsea you gone and fuck up like really petty much?


but hey let’s see what happens now in timeless. Now that I finished timeless I gotta say woman you so know how to write and this one was faster than the first one o was the slow one lol tumblr_n928flMqYf1r3h9f5o1_500

I loved the time travel thing it was awesome and you got me there with the culprit I thought it was James or even Drew parents never did it crossed my mind that it was Catherine mother but it made sense though.

tumblr_nfixbr7Dr81rziwwco1_400   gifcarltondance




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