Book Playlist: Dead Things (Inspired by Dead Things series by Martina McAtee)

Check them out and let her know if you like them

The Booklandia

We all love a good set a songs to go along with the book that we’re reading and a soundtrack to play to remind us of the book once we are done reading. I’m one of those people who are so into jotting down a list of songs that really fit with the story after reading the book so without any further a do, here goes the songs that I feel like it goes with this book series that I’m currently obsessing on…

The Dead Things series by Martina McAtee! Let’s play this music now, I’m accepting no objections on my playlist hahahaha

HouseRules.gifSPNmusic(God, I’ve been wanting to use that gif)

Here’s the playlist:

1. I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie
2. Angels by Within Temptation
3. Bring Me Back To Life by Extreme Music
4. Dark In My Imagination by Of Verona

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