Review: Batman: The Black Mirror

Batman: The Black Mirror
Batman: The Black Mirror by Scott Snyder

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Out of the Batman comic books that I have been able to read so far, this is the most dense. You have to take it bit by bit, let it sit with you. Process it… but it is SO worth it. Possibly one of the best stories ever to have graced the vigilante, this takes batman back to his gritty, detective roots with Dick Grayson under the cowl. For me it was stressful, because it was so noticeable that Bruce wasn’t the one being Gotham’s Dark Knight AND EVEN THE JOKER POINTS THIS OUT!!, I would constantly think to myself “if Bruce were the one in there, would he have done things this way?”. Often, the answer to that was “no”, making me angry because Bruce would have gotten to the point of things faster and not let emotions get in the way. BUT DEFINITELY GIVE THIS A CHANCE, PLEASE. It’s a thrilling, psychological ride that deserves more attention than what it is given. My initial rating when immediately finishing this book was a 4, but its actually a 5 once you’ve given yourself sometime to possibly digest the whole thing.


– Nash


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