Gods ARC Review

OMG WHY?!?!?!?


Gods dammit Ednah you outdid yourself with this book ugh it was so good from beginning to end. Knowing what was happening in the background of Souls and Witches. But just so you know Ednah…I hate everything after finishing reading the book. 1Kgre

Let’s make a head count Eirik’s a Dragon, Celestia’s a badass witch / healer with telekinesis, Cora’s a soul whisperer and a goddess (thanks for the sucker punch lass) and Raine’s the most powerful “norn” in existence. Am I missing something there? Oh yeah Celestia now has a murder of crows following her nicesh (a group of crows is called murder. I know huh?)

I finished ranting about Celestia and the others now let’s focus on the biggest sucker punch of all the book our dear Cora.


that was completely unexpected but I still got them


right where they should be I love you Cora and screw you Echo screw you plus I want to read about the meeting and how it will go, so now Dev’s alive that’s good and get him and Nara together like asap and speaking of getting together Andris and Trudy? That was a ninja move I didn’t see it coming. Welp I’m done bye. Oh by the way there’s a new Cora’s book coming around next year.




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