Review: Perfekt Balance

Perfekt Balance
Perfekt Balance by S.T. Bende

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

*screams like a little girl* why it’s it so good ugh this book was Perfekt. Forse finally stopped being a wuss and claimed Elsa though I didn’t expect that ending sequence but good job nonetheless. psychotic ex much? but welp stuff happens and the relationship between Runa and Tyr Mmhhhmm tone it down lady hahaha. Elsa kicked some ass though she was more like guilt tripping her? Off to our dear daddy issues poster guy Hymir I just gotta say one thing…….. WHY WONT YOU DIE ALREADY JEEZ. He’s only appeared once physically and damn I just hate him not even Elfie in Elsker got so much hate from me only Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments got so much hate. So yeah I’m out and I need more *cries*


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