Review: The Hunt

The Hunt
The Hunt by C.J. Ellisson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is aptly named The Hunt since not only they’re hunting our ninja-vamp Emiko, Really Paul? but Coraline is hunting Vivian in return for let’s say work jealousy? and that chick was batshit crazy like slow down woman and lay down on the hate chill woman. But back to our main seethe it works so good the different pov of the seethe members in the book because it gives you the opportunity to feel the emotions of the different seethe members except Joanna because she was crazy like really you want to kill your master? Bad choice lass but I support Asa choice of killing her in the moment. The other non-hunt related murders were a nice touch to the book since it was fun watching the characters break their heads looking for the killer when it was clear that it wasn’t the hunted but in fact the companion of the Indian vampire which draining the Amazonian porn star did her no favors. Now of to our junior seethe member Paul he went all nin nin on they asses good job lad. Asa founding his brother and best friend on Jon old pack that was nice. Drew needs to get the stick out of his ass and now the rest is history. In conclusion such a good vampire book rivaling awesome series like P.C. Cast & Kristin House of Night, Rachel Caine Morganville Vampires and Lara Adrian Midnight Breed.



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