Review: Heroes

Heroes by Ednah Walters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ughhhh such a good book I need more though its a bit confusing knowing it happens on the literal background of the runes series its such a good book to finally see eirik move on from our sexy snappy Cora to our cute take no bs Celestia. As I read this book and the one before I was lead to believe that shes gonna stay human and that eirik was never gonna do anything and become a celibate monk lol but damn that juicy make out scene and that heart wrenching scene where he makes her immortal just because he can’t live without her and doesn’t want her to die. What brought it all to a close was that vague as hell sleigh of hand knowledge that Ednah smacks you in the face with that Celestia may have a sister and that the Einmirya the rescued isn’t Eirik real sister. In conclusion I NEED GODS *breaks down crying*




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