Review: Vampire Vacation

Vampire Vacation
Vampire Vacation by C.J. Ellisson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I’ve read vampire books but damn this was a vampire book it enthralls you from page one feeding you subtle action with good and juicy random sex scenes. The characters were highly interesting. Dria with her hostess/vamp master/ bitchy attitude was a perfect main character highly complemented by Rafe who one could say is her master override switch and we see a lot more of them from what we saw on death’s servant and who would have thought that the prequel was seven years prior one doesn’t notice till its mention on the book and by then the author has you so into the story that one wont really care about the time span oh but that action and hunt towards the end was brilliant. The other masters had interesting powers I felt a bit envious towards Jet power. The book doesn’t fully explains but it skims the surface to why our dear Dria doesn’t has a seethe but it felt fitting she added Asa and possibly have to new additions to her new growing seethe and to wrap it all that wonderful ending brought to us via Dria’s plan B placing Johanna as bait making all of us believe it was her all the time and Drew got his sweet revenge.


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