Review: The Hidden Oracle

The Hidden Oracle
The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is actually my first review ever of a Riordan book but this book was the bomb the characters where perfect like we had hints of the previous ones and “completely new” background campers appearing for the first time like those other two Apollo campers I for sure didn’t even know they existed I mean Will appeared on the previous books but was more of a secondary character and its dear boyfriend Nico we need more of them on the pages. The other characters like Percy, Anabeth, Jason, Piper and so on (I forgot the names of the others) need to appear or at least make a cameo like seaweed brain did and Mr. Riordan nice job on the subtleness with Anabeth whereabouts. Now on to our two main characters Mr. Cry baby Apollo *looks around nervously and says* sorry mate but its the truth you whined the entire book, point is this was an excellent depiction of our Lord of Archery, Music, Healing and Prophecy it was nice seeing him as a normal demigod instead of an all self centered god which he still is at his core and finally our dear traitorous/confused/manipulated daughter of Demeter good job on pulling the rug from under us like I mean it was a bit suspicious that she acted strange when ever Nero was mentioned but who would have thought that she was his step-daughter. To end this lets just say that Peaches is the best character in the book sorry Apollo not sorry.



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