Review: Demons

Demons by Ednah Walters

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

And finally Eirik decides to move on from Cora but like I read on a previous review who knew Eirik felt so much for Cora I mean it was hinted that he had feeling for her but damn. Now to our new character Celestia the witch who knew she’d be such a good match for our moody god must be that take no bs attitude she has with him I feel that they make such a good match and that he should hurry the eff up and kiss her. Now on to character development I so love Hel its like Eva Pohler Hades they both need a series for them only and Mr. flashlight I mean Baldur he seems so freakin perfect for our moody goddess, I liked Hayden, Zack and Celestia’s dad they’re a good support characters for Celestia and I for some time tought that Hayden was Eirik sister but I was proved wrong and finally crazy granny I’ve seen such annoying character than her and biting Dimples that was a dirty move and again with Maliina and the norms they’re like bad weed they appear everywhere.




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